Dhurga and Thaua Aboriginal Language Project

The Dhurga and Thaua Aboriginal Language Project supports the introduction, exposure, teaching and learning of the Dhurga and Thaua Languages from the Yuin Language Group.

Burraga Foundation would like to acknowledge our technology partners Momentum Cloud for their ongoing support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture.

The app will play a role in revitalising both language and culture through its specific content. By interacting with language games and listening to the correct pronunciation of words presented by Elders, the old ways are being kept alive and relevant for younger generations.

The vocabulary is all about focusing on different aspects of Aboriginal culture such as bush tucker, dance, art, basket making, story telling, legends, shelter, artefacts, kinship, flora and fauna.

The Project is supported by the NSW Aboriginal Affairs – Our Languages Our Way grant program, in partnership with Tathra Public School, Momentum Cloud, the local community, the local Bega AECG and the Bega Lands Council.

The first version application is currently under consultation and will be available within app stores upon final local approval.