Tech Savvy Elders are on the go

The NSW Seniors Festival marks a time of year when the NSW Government thanks all NSW seniors for their contributions and achievements. With the number of seniors in NSW rapidly growing, festivals such as Seniors Week encourage the senior community to continue to lead active lives, stay socially connected, and engage in new activities. Seniors Week also allows the rest of us to appreciate and acknowledge the wealth of wisdom and breadth of life experience that seniors have to share with younger generations.

This year, in support of the festival, the Tech Savvy Elders program was launched at the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence on 1 April 2016 by Minister for Ageing John Ajaka. As part of the program, a trainer worked with local schools to support Elders to learn about technology and tablet devices. Training days were held at number of locations where Elders were assisted by students to use tablet devices to record their stories.

The Tech Savvy Elders program was delivered throughout the Seniors Festival with the support of Momentum Cloud, Telstra, the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group and the NSW Department of Family and Community Services.