The Burraga Foundation will support Momentum Cloud and Harvard University partnership to deliver research into the effectiveness of goal-setting to improve outcomes for students, parents and teachers.

The aim of this research is to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of online goal-setting for improving outcomes for students, parents and teachers in Australian schools. In particular, the research will measure the impacts on student attendance, effort, performance, parental engagement, and teachers' experiences.

Students that stop attending school, or markedly reduce the amount of effort they put into learning while in class, do so for a myriad of reasons. Policy responses to truancy often focus on policing and punishing bad behaviour. Some innovative programs targeting at-risk students in disadvantaged communities are trying a different approach by providing special rewards for good behaviour (e.g. eligibility for special sports or other extra-curricular programs). However, to date only limited attention has been paid to the importance of goals – what does (and could) motivate students to start attending school regularly and devote effort to learning; and how individual goals (and goal setting) could be incorporated into the classroom.

The Burraga Foundation in partnership with Momentum Cloud will outline a pathway to an open and transparent framework of engagement with students, teachers and parents. The open framework will provide qualified analyses on the effectiveness of goal setting.