Momentum Cloud

At its core, Momentum Cloud's ethos is that of equity and fairness. The company is an active contributor to communities and furthermore, driven to be of service beyond its commercial imperative.

The Australian education landscape is dotted with inequities. However, dedicated community members, teachers, schools and systems are doing amazing work to bridge educational gaps for individuals who maybe impeded by socioeconomic or geographical barriers.

To date, Momentum Cloud's philanthropic efforts has provided over provided over $1.5 million in operational expenditure consisting of design, development, support, promotion and management of the MGoals initiative

To further propel the positive outcomes of the MGoals initiative, Momentum Cloud has established the Burraga Foundation as a not-for-profit entity, governed its own independent Board. The Burraga Foundation will now govern the MGoals initiative into the future, supported by Momentum Cloud as its technology partner.