University of New England

The Burraga Foundation through it’spartnership with Momentum Cloud have entered into an agreement with the University of New England to explore innovative ways to support student's pathways to university.

One of UNE's initiatives is focussed on providing resources and support to school career advisors, so that they can effectively support students in determining their pathways to tertiary education. UNE identified that one of its stumbling blocks in this initiative was assisting school career advisors to personalise the appropriate pathway information so students could maximise their potential for success.

The Burraga Foundation’s and Momentum Cloud's underpinning philosophy is that any form of personalisation must come with an understanding of the individual's goals and aspirations and most importantly, the consent of the individual to share that information.

Through our partnership we will work with UNE and local schools to consult with students, parents and career advisors as to how its online platform can facilitate a connection and pathway for these aspiring students.