Supporting all Australians

Digital pathways provide opportunities through which individuals and communities can achieve their goals and progress their journey towards prosperity.

We work alongside Aboriginal communities to support the sharing of Aboriginal cultures and histories through digital mediums, to enhance the understanding of Aboriginal Australia for all Australians.

What We Do

Our Foundation governs and facilitates the MGoals initiative and digital platform. The MGoals initiative works in partnership with Aboriginal communities to highlight cultural stories that support students and teachers in developing a greater awareness of Aboriginal heritage and cultures.

Through the MGoals initiative, The Burraga Foundation is also delivering a range of supporting programs to enhance educational outcomes of Aboriginal students and provide more opportunities for digital inclusion.


MGoals has two aspects: The first is a website building project. The project encourages schools to collaborate with their local Aboriginal community in building a local community website.

The website is used to share and celebrate local history, cultural information and programs that are being run in support of Aboriginal education.

The second aspect of MGoals is an online goal-setting program, where students interact with teachers, parents and mentors to set goals for living and learning.


66 established local community sites

400 connected schools


100+ stories contributed


10,000+ goals set

6,000+ goals completed

Thousands of people connected