Australian Government

Burraga Foundation was successful in receiving Federal funding through the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) in support of the Storylines initiative.

The Australian Government is committed to achieving better results for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians in three priority areas - getting children to school, adults into work and building safe communities.

To make this happen, the Government is transforming the way Indigenous programs are delivered through the implementation of the Indigenous Advancement Strategy.

The Indigenous Advancement Strategy consolidates the many different Indigenous policies and programs that were delivered by Government into five overarching programs, making it easier for organisations delivering local services. The program streams are:

Jobs, Land and Economy

  • Children and Schooling

  • Safety and Wellbeing

  • Culture and Capability

  • Remote Australia Strategies.

The Indigenous Advancement Strategy is changing the way Australian Government funding is delivered to ensure it is more flexible and better designed to meet the aspirations and priorities of individual communities.  Together, we can achieve real and lasting results to close the gap on disadvantage and ensure all Australians have the same opportunities in life.