Momentum Cloud

Momentum Cloud's ethos is that of equity and fairness. The company is an active contributor to communities and furthermore, driven to be of service beyond its commercial imperatives for the public good.

The Australian education landscape is dotted with inequities. However, dedicated community members, teachers, schools and systems are doing amazing work to bridge educational gaps for individuals who may be impeded by socioeconomic or geographical barriers.

To date, Momentum Cloud's philanthropic efforts have contributed in kind and direct funding to support operational expenditure in the areas of technical design, development, promotion and management of the Burraga Foundation's MGoals initiative

Momentum Cloud also supports student trainee immersions and work placement opportunities for students participating within the Burraga Foundations trainee program.

Momentum Cloud is working in partnership with our foundation to support our projects and services that benefit and improve the well-being of all Australians through the delivery of equitable outcomes for our lands first peoples.