Telstra is committed to achieving positive educational, health and economic outcomes for Indigenous Australians and believe that by promoting diversity and inclusion, communities,  workforce's and all Australians will be enriched.

Telstra’s purpose is ‘to create a brilliant connected future for everyone’. Their vision is to see their purpose come to life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Through connection we can all create social, economic and cultural change and achieve a brilliant connected future.

Telstra have partnered with the Burraga Foundation to provide direct operational funding support and have kindly provided access to their SMS API, through the T.Dev team, sponsoring the SMS communication costs for the Storylines initiative.

SMS communications costs between teachers, guardians and Aboriginal students, sent when a student achieves their learning and personal goals is at no cost thanks to our partners Telstra.

We are extremely grateful for the amazing work that Telstra does in connecting and empowering our communities via digital mediums and devices.